What happens if you lace weed with vicodin

12. prosince 2011 v 23:05

What happens when you lace a blunt with promethazine. Before you take promethazine, tell your doctor if you have: a history of seizures;. What happens if I overdose?
First of all you should NOT be taking pills that are not prescribed by your doc. With that said, NOTHING! I have changed from hydro to oxy from my ortho doc in the .
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Answer . It depends on how much you take and how much you smoke. If you take one pill and smoke about a gram of marijuana you'll feel all the amazing effects of .
I used to smoke weed a lot. Throughout my four years of college, I probably smoked weed once a day on average (this average includes, for example, two-week stints of .
Is it possible to smoke vicodin? ChaCha Answer: Many people crush vicodin and sprinkle it on the weed to lace it.
No. you are

What happens if you lace weed with vicodin

WRONG. Xanax can NOT be SNORTED or SMOKED. people who lace marijuana with xanax are probably high school kids who have no idea what they are doing
What happens when you lace potpourri with hydrocodone. What happens if you lace weed with vicodin You can extend your students' fascination with or create What happens if you lace weed with vicodin bouquets, wreaths, potpourri or bottom to top, and let .
Those near children also targeted in state, which allows medical marijuana
Ok so yesterday I got my wisdom teeth extracted and the doctor gave me 30 pills of 5/500 vicodin, which is more than I really need for the pain. So I

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