shooting perc 30s

12. prosince 2011 v 22:55

They aren't "Perc" 30s, all Percocets have APAP in them. They're simply Oxycodone IR 30mgs, brand name Roxicodone. I don't recommend shooting pills but here goes.
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how to inject perc 30mg forums and articles. Learn about and discuss how to inject perc 30mg at The People's Medicine Community.
has anyone done the new 30s thay are capsuls one side whit oter blue with no writting..and the 15s are green and whit
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If ur wanting to shoot a percocet u need to get the kind with out the acetaminophen in it. Like the Roxy 15s or 30s. But to shoot them u need A CLEAN NEEDLE, purified .
Someone told

shooting perc 30s

me that they have perc 30. I'm guessing that perc means percocet but I've never heard of perc 30. Are they stronger than regular percocet?
Can you shoot up the roxy 30mg that say k9. roxys that say ETH on one side and 445 on the other i was wondering what is up with shooting these things is it safe, can .
I need some intelegent input. I have been on OC's and other opiate treatment for years due to chronic pain in my back. having said that. I want to try shooting it.
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